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MIGHTY MAHI, the Sea Rescue Turtle
Kate's Ocean, Picture Book
Jerome the Stone, Picture Book
Becky & Ron. Oil Painting
The Shack, where Jim's mom grew up. Oil
Joshua and the Biggest Fish
Suki and Sam, Picture Book
Zebra and Mom, Acrylic 30x40
Camp NA, Chapter Book
Offering Illustrations, Sam Baptized
Offering Illustrations, the Light
Offering Illustrations, Queens
Gaillardia Gated Community Brochure
Midland Mortgage Assistance Brochure
Rose Creek Amenities Direct Mail
Snap Dragon, Oil Painting
Zebra, Clay Sculpture
Robbi, Oil Painting
Katherine, Oil Painting
Idelle, Watercolor
The Jerry Bennett, Oil Painting
Salty Ringo, Oil Painting, 24x48
Skysleeper, Oil Painting 36x60
1776, Photo-Illustrations, Design
Posters, Photo-Illustrations
Wineaux, Illustrations, Design
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